About Us

We believe that every child deserves to smile, no matter what circumstances they face. Over a single weekend, our team transforms an existing waiting room, treatment room or patient care room into a Smilezone! A Smilezone provides a bright, comforting, and engaging space for children and their families while spending time in a hospital or medical facility. Our Smilezones are custom designed with features such as fresh paint, murals, furniture, cabinetry and storage, sensory items, interactive technology such as iPads/Televisions/Projectors/Video Games, and much more! We work closely with the health care centre’s frontline staff to come up with a unique design that is guaranteed to bring a smile to kids’ faces!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Smilezone Foundation’s mission is to make tough days a little brighter for kids receiving treatment in hospitals and health care facilities. We do this by creating fun and engaging “Smilezones” that harness the uplifting power of a smile for the kids and their families.

Every Child Deserves to Smile

Our Story

The idea of Smilezone started when Adam Graves and Scott Bachly were approached to make a financial contribution to the construction of a local hospital. The request made Adam and Scott realize they wanted to make a difference, not only in their community, but in communities across the country. As fathers themselves, Adam and Scott wanted to do something that would help...

Board of Directors

Scott Bachly
Adam Graves

Our Staff

Jackie Hames
Executive Director
Andre Lofters
Vice President of Operations

Smilezone Ambassadors

Through promoting and advocating for our cause, attending and speaking during our annual and grand opening events and positively representing our Foundation out in the community, Smilezone Ambassadors are an integral part of Smilezone. Meet the kind-hearted and dedicated individuals we are proud to have as our ambassadors.
Angela JamesSmilezone Ambassador
Anthony CirelliSmilezone Ambassador

Smilezone Foundation relies entirely on the generosity of corporate and private sponsorships and donations. A heartfelt THANK YOU to our partners, making it possible to continue in our mission of putting smiles on kid’s faces!