What is a Smilezone?

Smilezones are safe spaces physically, mentally and emotionally where kids of any age, ability and diagnosis can go and be themselves without fears of judgement and where they are with other families who share in similar experiences. Children can be themselves, relax, and feel supported in a safe and engaging environment andwhile nothing can replace the comfort of your own home, a Smilezone helps make the hospital or centre a better place to be, providing children and families with a sense of comfort and belonging.

Benefits of a Smilezone

Smilezones have been shown to increase children’s receptiveness to treatment, reduce anxiety during their visits and provide a space for children to escape the stresses of their journey and simply be a kid again!

Working closely with front-line staff and being experts in disease control and fire safety ourselves, we select research-supported items that will have a positive impact tailored to the unique needs of each facilities diverse patients to further their treatment goals, create a safe space for self expression, encourage communication and promote healing through therapy play.

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