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Leave a powerful legacy in memory of your life that will impact kids for years to come. By planning a gift for the future you will be making one of the most significant and lasting gifts possible for Canadian children in hospitals and treatment centres.

Join our Legacy Club  by making a Planned Gift.

Gifts of Securities

A donation of securities is the most efficient way to make a difference and minimize taxes. When donating shares directly to Smilezone Foundation, CRA does not charge capital gains tax on the securities you donate. This means that you as a donor, can avoid paying tax on capital gains in addition to receiving a Charitable Tax Receipt from Smilezone! Click here for our Gifts of Securities Donation Form to learn more or donate your securities through Canada Helps.

Endowment Funds

Rest easy knowing the cause you care about will continue to function long into the future. Endowment funds provide assurance to the financial success of a charity and thus, allows it to keep functioning effectively. Gift an endowment and Smilezone Foundation will use the interest generated to continue our services year after year while the capital donation remains untouched.


Bequests are an easy and efficient way to make a substantial impact and leave a legacy behind as a tribute to your life. Bequest donation help offset taxes on your estate; leaving more to your family. Make a gift to Smilezone Foundation through your will or estate plan; leaving a percentage, remainder of wealth or property as an impactful gift.

Sponsor a Smilezone

A unique way to leave a legacy is to sponsor a Smilezone project! You can choose from one of our upcoming Smilezones or, choose a hospital or health care centre that connects with you. Contact us if you're interested in sponsoring a Smilezone or would like more information. We ware happy to answer all of your questions! contact

Smilezone Legacy Club

Our Legacy Club is comprised of an exclusive group of people who have chosen to leave a lasting legacy that will support children long into the future. We recognize the incredible partnerships with our Legacy Donors through unique and customized recognition opportunities, rewards, and benefits tailored to each donor.

Click the tabs to learn more about our Legacy giving options. Is there a question you have that is not covered in our FAQ’s? Contact us at and we will be happy to answer all of your planned giving questions!

Aside from being the most efficient way to make a charitable gift and minimize taxes, giving a gift of securities allows donors to make a difference in the ways that align with their philanthropic goals without effecting their immediate cash flow.

What are securities?

Publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds of which you own.

How can I donate my shares or mutual funds?

Simply complete our transfer of securities form with your broker and send the completed form to both Caldwell Securities and Smilezone Foundation and we will take care of the rest!

You can also donate securely through Canada Helps by searching for Smilezone and selecting the securities donation option.

Caldwell Securities generously offers this service to Smilezone for free meaning if you choose that option, 100% of your donation will go to helping kid!

How long does it take for the charity to receive my donation?

Once the shares are received by Caldwell Securities/Canada Helps, it takes 2 days to settle, after which Smilezone will receive the donation and you will be notified.

What tax benefits will I receive for my donation?

When donating shares directly to Smilezone Foundation, CRA does not charge capital gains tax on the securities you donate. This means that you as a donor, can avoid paying tax on capital gains in addition to receiving a Charitable Tax Receipt from Smilezone.

How long after I make my donation will I receive my tax receipt?

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of the shares, sold at fair market value, within 48 hours.

Are the shares sold at fair-market value?

Yes. The value of the shares will be determined based on their fair market value the day they are received by Caldwell Securities/Canada helps. The securities are sold the same day they are received. Smilezone will keep you up-to-date every step of the way!

How will I be recognized for my donation?

We will work with you, the donor, to create a recognition plan that fulfills your expectations. Typical recognition includes; a feature on our website, in our newsletter and social media pages, recognition plates within applicable Smilezone spaces and a feature within our annual report. You will also become an exclusive member of our Legacy Club which provides additional, unique recognition opportunities.

What would my donation be used for?

You can choose if you would like your donation to be “restricted” or “unrestricted. Unrestricted gifts allow Smilezone to use the funds to fulfil our mission based on our funding needs at the time. Restricted gifts mean you choose exactly how your gift is to be used. You could choose for the donation to be used for a specific Smilezone project in your local community, or to be used to support a particular demographic i.e. paediatric mental health or oncology, or any other ways you intend the money to be used.

Will there be any kind of written agreement between the donor and Smilezone?

Yes. Based on your intentions for the gift (restricted/unrestricted), the agreed upon terms and recognition, a gift agreement will be created and signed by both you the donor and Smilezone Foundation.

We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have! Contact Emily at

Many donors often wish their gift to be preserved and used long after their passing to create a lasting testimony, to assure support for their area of interest, and/or to make a statement of what is important to them. Often this can only be accomplished through an endowment fund. 

Endowment funds are very important for a charity as they supply a steady and dependable source of income. These funds have the potential of securing the financial future of the charity. Endowed programs are self-sustaining, well-rounded, and are not a drain on current financing. Without endowments, many programs would not be as full and complete as they are. An endowment gift keeps on giving and will continue to provide financial support for years to come.


What is an endowment?

An endowment is an investment fund set aside for the long-term support of an organization. Only the income, or a portion of the income, is expended. The principal is preserved intact.

What types of gifts can be made for an endowment?

Any of the following could be used to create an endowment:

  • – Outright gifts of cash or property
  •  – Bequest
  • – Residual interest of a charitable remainder trust
  • – Residual interest when the donor retains use of a principal residence or other property
  • – Death proceeds or cash value of life insurance
  • – Gift element of a gift annuity
  • – Proceeds received at maturity of a stripped bond
  • – Retirement funds designated for Smilezone Foundation

How is an endowment different from a reserve fund?

With an endowment, the principle will not be touched, allowing Smilezone to use the interest gained on the fund only.  Both the principal, as well as the income, from a reserve fund may be expended by the charity. For example, the reserve fund might be tapped into for a building project or to cover a budget deficit.

 What are the benefits to the donor?

  • – Charitable tax receipt for the full amount of the donation to reduce the tax payable on your final return.
  • – If made via bequests, it reduces the tax payable on your estate; leaving more for your loved one.
  • – Because Smilezone will use the income from the endowment, the principal will remain, keeping the cause you care about continuing to serve long into the future. You will be ensuring the longevity of the charity.
  • – Leaving a lasting legacy in your name
  • – Exclusive membership in the Smilezone Legacy Club

  •  Are there different types of endowment funds?

    Yes! There are three different types of endowment funds which can be set up according to the kind of gift you are looking to make:


  • 1. General Endowment Unallocated

    General Endowment Unallocated is a permanent fund set up by Smilezone to hold gifts in perpetuity. The capital is retained and only the income is used for the current work of the charity. This is the natural receptacle for memorial gifts, and often undesignated bequests are automatically directed to this fund. Gifts of any size can be placed in this fund.

    2. Specific Endowments Allocated

    Functioning the same as General Endowment Unallocated, Specific Endowments Allocated are different in one way; they are established to fund permanent ongoing programs of the charity.

    3. Named Donor Endowments

    Similar to the above two, this is a permanent fund set up by the charity to hold a donor’s gift(s) in perpetuity. The capital is retained and only the income is used for that particular program, as specified by the donor.

    Named Donor Endowments are usually established only for some pre-set minimum amount. Ex. $25,000 or $50,000 to ensure enough annual revenue is available to fund programs and be administratively cost effective. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Named Donor Endowment policies.


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