What We Do

We believe that every child deserves to smile, no matter what circumstances they face. Over a single weekend, our team transforms an existing waiting room, treatment room or patient care room into a Smilezone! A Smilezone provides a bright, comforting, and engaging space for children and their families while spending time in a hospital or medical facility.

Our Smilezones are custom designed with features such as fresh paint, engaging murals, comfortable and accessible furniture, custom cabinetry and storage, sensory items, interactive technology including iPads, Televisions, interactive GestureTek gaming and much more! We work closely with the health care centre’s frontline staff to come up with a unique and customized design that is guaranteed to bring a smile to kids’ faces.

Smilezones are safe spaces physically, mentally and emotionally where kids of any age, ability and diagnosis can go and be themselves without fears of judgement and where they are with other families who share in similar experiences. Children can be themselves, relax, and feel supported in a safe and engaging environment. While nothing can replace the comfort of your own home, a Smilezone helps make the hospital or health care centre a better place to be.

Smilezones are warm, engaging and therapeutic areas where children of any age, ability, diagnosis and interest can explore their surroundings in a safe, fun and purposeful way. We complete each fully customized project in just one weekend regardless of the number of Smilezones, sizes, scope or location to ensure as little disruption to the staff and patients as possible.


Find a Smilezone in your community! Use the search bar to navigate through the map and hover over the icons to see all of the one-of-a-kind Smilezone projects we have completed! Click the image to view all of the details, photos and impact of each project.

With over 350 successful Smilezones installed since our first project in 2013, Smilezone Foundation is rapidly growing right along with our impact! Take a look at our upcoming projects for a glimpse at what’s to come.

Are you interested in applying for a Smilezone for your health care facility? We are currently accepting applications from hospitals, children’s treatment centres and community-based health organizations.

Find out the answers to all of your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section! Whether it’s our Hockey or Golf Tournaments, Smilezones or Sponsorship, find the answers here.

Where Does Smilezone Foundation Receive Funding From?
Smilezone Foundation relies on the generous financial support of individual donors and corporate supporters. Additionally, the Foundation raises funds by hosting special events throughout the year, including our Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament and Annual "Hockey Helping Kids" Tournament.
How Can I Donate to Smilezone?
Smilezone Foundation is a registered charity (#825656507RR0001). General donations can be processed through the Smilezone website at www.smilezone.com - Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted methods of payment, and tax receipts will be issued within 48 hours.
How is my Donation Used?
Only 8 cents from ever dollar is spent on administration costs, that means almost all of your donation goes directly to making tough days brighter for children receiving medical care! We use donations to provide sensory play, elements of physical therapy, art and music and simple comforts of home into health care facilities.
Can I donate Stocks, items or bequests?
Yes! As party of our Planned Giving program you can donate stocks, in memory or tribute, endowments, bequests or in a number of other unique ways We also accept items for our special events silent auctions, give-aways, contests and event sponsorship! Contact ekerr@smilezone.com for information on how you can give.