Our Story

The idea of Smilezone started when Adam Graves and Scott Bachly were approached to make a financial contribution to the construction of a local hospital. The request made Adam and Scott realize they wanted to make a difference, not only in their community, but in communities across the country. As fathers themselves, Adam and Scott wanted to do something that would help children facing health challenges as they have witnessed the obstacles facing families with sick children. They wanted to give kids a place to experience a break from the day-to-day battles they face; a place, quite simply, that would put a smile on a child’s face.

This determination led to the creation of the Smilezone Foundation in 2012. The idea behind Smilezone Foundation is simple: Transform spaces in healthcare centres to give children, siblings, and their families an opportunity to smile, no matter what circumstances they face! Visiting a Smilezone is something that a child in treatment can look forward to, and it can ease the anxiety of being in a hospital or treatment facility, which can be scary and overwhelming at times.