Christa Morel 

Dear Smilezone,

Thank you for the fun and inspiring decor you created at Wordplay! When you are a parent of two young kids with special needs and language delays, your local speech therapist office becomes a home away from home. At Wordplay, we share our children’s accomplishments and our fears as parents. We witness our children struggle and overcome as they develop the skills they need to communicate. It means a lot that your foundation has provided us with an environment that brightens up our days. My children loved the animal paintings all over the walls in bright colors. My daughter particularly enjoyed the sensory aspects of the decor. You made such a beautiful waiting room that is so different from the boring sterile waiting rooms that we are used to. It is actually a waiting room that I enjoy waiting in. 

When you have a child that is nonverbal, a smile is worth a thousand words. Thank you Smilezone for all the smiles you will bring to the children at Wordplay!

Christa Morel
Mom of Raina and Liam