Elaine Raivio RN.MN

Alberta Health Services

I truly can’t thank you enough for SMILEZONE’s generous support, organization, planning and implementation of these unit updates. SMILEZONES is an amazing organization that truly does bring new life to old spaces. The units have never looked better!

Not only does the space become brighter for our patients and families, it also becomes brighter for our staff. Working with teens experiencing mental health crisis can be exceptionally challenging at times. Working in a bright, open, and welcoming environment creates an internal happiness that transfers to the care our patients receive.

Families are more apt to feel the welcoming atmosphere within our unit as they travel the journey of mental illness recovery – with their youth.

The freshness creates a sense of hope and joy and a feeling that “yes, it will be ok”. The mental illness journey is often dark and scary for patients and families. Coming to a unit that is open and bright, can change the perception of the future. It offers hope.

These murals are amazing works of art and truly captured the essence of “living and being” in Calgary. Thank you Artists!

With so many sponsors, your board, your artists, and your amazing planning abilities, I personally want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I do hope that we have the opportunity to work along-side each other in the future (in Alberta).

Please extend my thank you to all your team members. Today was such an amazing day for us.

Program Manager
Child & Adolescent Mental Health
Acute Care Services