Kristin Higginson

“My son Jack battles a rare disease called MPS2 and we have been coming to the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic once a week since Jack was four. With every year that passes, I see more and more parents and their children walk through those clinic doors so needless to say, I was delighted to hear the clinic was getting a much-needed face lift.

As a parent that spend a lot of time in hospitals, I can tell you that being in a room that feels comfortable and fun can offer a sense of security to a child and creates a positive impression of a place that many children may be apprehensive to visit. It reduces stress not only for the child but also for the parent. The POP clinic walls are now adorned with beautiful vibrant painting and activities that provide visual and physical stimulation for kids and adults, setting the absolute best foundation to the appointment. I have had a chance to walk to the halls of the clinic and I can tell you first hand that the work is incredible and the space it has created feels not only bright and fun but also safe and comforting. Amazingly enough, the Smilezone has also managed to capture and reflect the very spirit of the Peterborough community and the POP clinic’s exceptional staff. I would like to thank Smilezone for giving the POP clinic a remarkable makeover by helping families that require and rely on the services that the Peterborough Health Care Centre provides.”