Sensory Play

Sensory equipment has substantial benefits to children of all ages and abilities. Multi-sensory play is designed to provide children with cognitive and physical challenges the opportunity to interact with and control a range of sensory practices. This allows the children to improve skills related to hearing, vision, cognitive barriers, perception challenges, pain, behavioural struggles and other challenges.

Incorporating a variety of sensory equipment into Smilezones allows children of all abilities and interests to enjoy therapeutic play!

Sensory equipment has been shown to improve mobilization, focus, communication skills, and environmental awareness, all of which open up a whole new world of opportunities and potential for the children in these environments.

Smilezones include a variety of sensory equipment to benefit any child who may play within. In consultation with occupational therapists and child life specialists we almost always include sensory tables, wall spinners, tactile panels with fun textures, bubble tubes and more!

Having this type of sensory play promotes stress reduction, calm behaviour, and provides the children with more opportunity for choice and exploration.