Simple Comforts

Fun is certainly an important aspect of a Smilezone but so is comfort. Having a few comforts of home can make spending time in a hospital much more familiar, comfortable and relaxing for children and their families. To bring a little home into Smilezones we provide places to warm home cooked meals together, rocking chairs to soothe a child to sleep or weighted blankets to calm and comfort patients in recovery or with sensory needs.

Medical play toys are very useful tools to help children cope and express their feelings regarding medical procedures they, or a loved one has received. Because play is a familiar aspect in a child’s life, kid’s can use role play to express feelings about their medical journey, making it a useful method of emotional therapy. Using the toys the children can re-enact procedures in a way that grants them the control.

Nothing soothes upset and uncertain little ones like the gentle, rhythmic motion of a rocking chair. Rocking chairs provide a mode of relaxation, calming and a place for caregivers to feed their infants during their hospital stays. Rocking can help both a child and caregiver establish more natural heart rates and blood circulation, feel more secure, provide body heat, foster deeper sleep, and promote stronger parent-child bonds.

Whether it’s comfortable seating, adjustable lighting or a fish tank, the little comforts can really make a difference to families while spending time away from home.