Smilezone Technology

While rehabilitation canoften be arduous for children, play-based activities can make therapy – and their health care experiences – a more enjoyable experience.We encourage play-based therapy and positive distraction through the integration of iPads, GestureTeks, Projectors, game consoles and Bluetooth speakers so children can work on therapy goals, relax, have fun or curl up with a caregiver for their favourite show.


iPads have become a staple item in each Smilezone we create becausethrough them there is endless possibility for entertainment, interaction and therapy through the many available applications. iPads can help improve and encourage communication from and between both verbal and non-verbal children, inspire creativity and fine motor skills and incorporate aspects of therapy through the interactive play. iPads are a great tool for entertainment and distraction through their many application, making a fantastic feature in recovery rooms.


A favourite of both patients and staff the simple plug-in Gesturtek system is central on gesture-controlled play using a fun and unique floor projection. The Gesturtek transforms any Smilezone floor space into an interactive arena for imagination, sensory development and fine motor control. The inclusive games allow children to reach out and touch swimming fish, catch falling snowflakes and play at any capacity they are able, turning sensory and motor skill development into interactive play.


Projectors are another high-demand piece of equipment. Kids love using imaginative play with the virtual scenes of rushing waterfalls, luscious jungles and tranquil environments. The projectors provide a unique opportunity for interactive play, turning entire walls into the child’s wonderous playground. The moving images and landscapes prove to be a welcome source of distraction in treatment rooms, waiting rooms and communal spaces.

Bluetooth speakers

Music has the unique magical ability to evoke emotions and influence moods which can be incredibly useful in the health care environment. Bluetooth speakers do wonders to soothe anxious children as they listen to their favourite, familiar songs or faculty plays calming notes while the kids receive medical care. Bluetooth speakers can be especially useful in sensory controlled settings.