Safe Smiles Masks

Smilezone ambassadors – music icon Alessia Cara and NHL heroes Eric Lindros and Sean Monahan – share the importance of the Safe Smile campaign. Click the videos above to check them out!

We are proud to launch a new program in partnership with corporations and individuals to donate facemasks to children within all the health care centres we have partnered with across Canada. Help us keep kids safe; when you buy a mask we will donate one to a child in need so they can keep smiling, safely.

During COVID-19, our commitment to supporting children in need remains steadfast and we are as focused as ever on helping children. We are proud to announce our Safe Smiles Mask campaign so that together, we may continue to support children receiving medical care in our communities.

For every purchase of a quality, Smilezone branded mask, Smilezone will donate a mask to the brave children currently receiving medical treatment in our partner hospitals/centres across Canada. That means, for every mask you purchase, you are also gifting a mask to children in our hospitals and peadiatric centres!


Smilezone Foundation Masks

Moisture-resistant, quality KoolKlava face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses
$ 7
+hst per mask
  • Adult Masks - Women
  • Adult Masks - Men
  • Children's Masks
  • Children's - XS
  • Donated Masks: $0.00!
  • Includes Shipping

Masks are becoming mandatory in more Canadian cities every day.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam recommends everyone wear a mask – whether it be homemade or medical – in situations where keeping a social distance of 6 feet apart is not possible. 

Wearing masks protects your family, loved ones and prevents the spread of COVID-19 and other airborn viruses. By purchasing these quality, Smilezone masks you not only contribute to the safety of yourself and those around you but to the children receiving medical care when we match your purchase by donating masks for children in health care centres to use.

Thank you for keeping our communities, and our children, safe!

Centre Deliveries

For every Safe Smiles mask purchased, we donate one to the children in our partner centres. 

Check out the photos from the deliveries below!

Safe Smiles Mask Supporters

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Safe Smiles masks, please reach out to Emily at