Lighthouse for Grieving Children – Oakville, ON

On September 28 – 30 we transformed FIVE areas of Lighthouse for Grieving Children into Smilezones! The new Smilezones are in:

  • Children’s Art Room
  • Children’s Medical Play Room
  • Children’s Group Room
  • Youth Room
  • Kitchen

By including weighted blankets, age-appropriate and graffiti inspired murals, headphone connected musical instruments and more we made the kitchen, children’s art room, medical play room, children’s group room and youth room into warmer, safer spaces for the children and youth to grieve safely and comfortably in their own ways.


About Lighthouse for Grieving Children

The Lighthouse is a safe space – where grieving children, you and families support each other as they move through their grief journey. Lighthouse offers bereavement support groups, consultations, grief training and resources and workshops for care givers. 

  • 60
  • Number of Kids

Specific Features in the Smilezone Transformation Include:

  • Electronic drum kit
  • Fold away art space
  • Weighted blankets
  • Age-appropriate murals for teens and young ones
  • magnetic white board
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Inspirational quotes
A huge thank you to the Vic Hadfield Table Hockey Challenge, the Rotherglen 8R class of 2019 and the Lighthouse Chiefs 24-Hour Hockey team for supporting this project.