Wordplay Jeux de mots program in Sudbury, ON

Over November 9-11th, 2018, the Smilezone team transformed 3 NEW SMILEZONES at North Bay Regional Health Centre’s Wordplay Jeux de mots program in Sudbury, ON! The new Smilezones can be found in the following program spaces:

  • Main Waiting Room
  • Group Program Room
  • Infant Hearing Screening Room

About Wordplay Jeux de mots program in Sudbury, ON

Wordplay Jeux de mots Preschool Speech and Language Service provides a full range of accessible speech/language services to preschool children from birth to the time they start school in Sudbury. Family-centered intervention services includes assessments, consultations, parent training, home programs, individual and group programming. Wordplay Jeux de mots also provides transition services for those children transitioning to Junior Kindergarten. Over  1,700 children, infants & family members will benefit from the new Smilezones at Wordplay Jeux de mots in 2019!

  • 1,769
  • Number of children

Specific Features in the Smilezone Transformation Include:

  • Fresh Paint
  • Bright & Fun Murals
  • Children’s Sensory Table & chairs
  • Bench Seating
  • Custom Storage
  • Rocking Chair