York Children’s Aid Society (Newmarket, Ontario)

Over the weekend of October 25th – 127th 2019 we transformed SIX Family Visitation Rooms within York CAS into positive, uplifting spaces while providing opportunities for children and families to bond. By including children’s activity stations, play mats, sensory wall spinners, tactile tables, glider rocking chairs, infant change tables, I-Spy murals and many other beneficial items, kids and their care givers can be at ease and interact in comfortable and engaging spaces. These new Smilezones will allow children and families to relax, have fun and strengthen relationships in a safe and controlled setting where everyone can feel comfortable and at home.

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Our Donors

The children and youth who utilize York Children’s Aid Society services will be the primary benefactors of this Smilezone project. Approximately 350 children (160 families) use York CAS Family Visitation Rooms for over 3,000 visits annually. The benefiting children and youth are ages 0 to 17 and come from an incredibly diverse demographic of all cultural backgrounds, gender identities, abilities, interests and religious affiliations. York CAS helps children from Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

As York CAS exists to protect children and youth and to strengthen families, it is incredibly important to have spaces where the parents and extended family can be together with their children in a safe, comforting and stimulating space. The Family Visit Rooms at York CAS are used for children who are either staying with friends, family members or foster parents while their families work to resolve issues; to have regular visitations with their families in a safe and controlled setting. Being away from home and family may be very difficult on the children and having regular visits with them can help ease anxiety, homesickness, transitioning and overall stress and unease from the situation. The Family Visits also are important in strengthening familial bonds; being able to visit with family in a positive environment in a fun and positive way also helps the transitioningbetween homes easier on the children and youth.